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Gino Wickman Co-Author, and EOS Implementer Mike Paton on “Enjoying the Leadership Journey”

Whether you’re a startup CEO just getting started or have been in charge for years, Mike Paton, an EOS implementer and leadership legend, explains how to enjoy the leadership journey by attending to your greater purpose.

Mike Paton knows all about the difficulties of business growth since he has over 14 years of expertise as an EOS Implementer as well as decades of experience as a business owner himself. In 2015, he was named Visionary Leader of EOS Worldwide, which brought a world of honor and also responsibility.

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Shea Petaja- Designing your client experience

Shea Petaja, S.2 E.2

Shea Petaja “Client experience is empathy in action.” Shea Petaja Tweet Show Notes 1:11-6:46 Shea’s story 6:46-11:51 Client experience is

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