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A Quick Guide to the StoryBrand Marketing Report


You put a lot of time and energy into your marketing. You poured your budget into a marketing strategy, but your messaging isn’t attracting your ideal client, your marketing efforts aren’t bringing in leads, and you’re not seeing conversions. In short, your business just isn’t growing at the pace you hoped it would and you don’t know why.

This doesn’t mean it’s time to call it quits. In fact, just the opposite! It’s time to learn from your current strategy and find a new way forward.

The StoryBrand Marketing Framework is a powerful approach to marketing your business with the customer at the center. And now you can weigh your current marketing strategy against the proven StoryBrand Framework through a free and convenient online report.

The StoryBrand Marketing Report is a free tool that helps you diagnose problems and find solutions. It assesses your marketing strategy to find where the weaknesses are and proposes how to turn them into strengths.

In this blog, we’ll explain what the report is, how it works, and why every business should take the time to complete it.

What is the StoryBrand Marketing Report?

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The Marketing Report is StoryBrand’s latest free tool for businesses. It helps you get a pulse on your current marketing efforts and discover blind spots in your strategy. Plus, it offers advice on how to improve your weak areas!

The Report looks at key areas of your marketing strategy and evaluates whether or not they’re supporting the customer relationship process. It will ask you questions about your messaging, sales funnel, and collateral, and determine if you’re catering to customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

When you’re finished, it will tell you where you’re succeeding, where you’re missing the mark, and how to bridge the gap. The Report will act as a helpful guide as you move forward with a new marketing strategy and grow your business.

How the StoryBrand Marketing Report Assesses Your Business

To start the report, you’ll take a quick assessment. There are 31 questions asking for information about your business. The questions are split into three sections related to your marketing strategy.


The first part of the assessment relates to your messaging. The assessment digs into how you position your business, clarify your offer, and invite potential customers into your story.

This section is focused mainly on the beginning of the customer relationship. Your messaging is what should pique people’s interest and give them a clear idea of the solution you provide.

Sales Funnel

The middle of the assessment asks about your sales funnel. Topics include your website format, design, and lead generator performance, if applicable. It also asks if you use email marketing to engage and nurture leads before asking for the sale.

These questions help you evaluate if you’re effectively educating potential customers. As people get to know your business, you can start to offer more specific information, always positioning your business as the solution to their problem.


Lastly, the StoryBrand Marketing Report will ask questions about your marketing collateral — emails, web copy, lead generators, etc. The assessment will prompt you to think about whether or not your collateral supports your sales funnel, clearly communicates your message, and highlights your solution. Anticipate a few questions specifically about sales emails and whether or not you have something that effectively closes the deal with potential customers.

This is all to see how well you convince people to commit to your business. Very few buyers will make a large purchase on a whim, so you need to have collateral that supports your marketing, enlightens your leads, and positions the solution to their problem at the center of your mission.

What’s In the Results?

Businessman working with modern computer calculator virtual dashboard analyzing finance sales data and economic growth graph chart and account report technology.

After you complete the assessment, StoryBrand immediately emails your results. This isn’t just a rundown of your answers. It’s a 53-page comprehensive report that discusses the most common marketing mistakes, the most powerful tools to solve them, and how your business stacks up against each.

The introduction walks you through the importance of inviting customers into a story and using a sales funnel. It even breaks down the five stages of an effective sales funnel with helpful hints on how to develop them.

Now that you understand what you need your marketing to do, you can see if it’s hitting the target. The Report starts with an overview of your strong and weak points in three different categories. Each following section uses the same format:

  • An explanation of the customer relationship stage and the goal of your marketing for those customers.
  • A review of what you’re doing right and how it’s helping your business.
  • A look at what could be improved and how to make positive changes.

For each category, you get pages of guidance, examples, and links to other StoryBrand resources that can help you get your marketing back on track. It’s like a marketing bootcamp just for your business! 

What Do I Do With the Results? 

Now that you have this huge report all about your business, its strengths, and its weaknesses, what do you do with all of this information? 

We recommend you keep this information handy—even print it out and share it with your team over a lunch and learn. It holds so much valuable information and could easily become a guidebook for your marketing strategy. It will also point you to other helpful resources from places like Business Made Simple

Use the marketing report as a tool for you and your team to hone in on your marketing. And don’t worry—you don’t have to do it all at once! The report will lay out step-by-step what to do first. 

Don’t Go It Alone

The best part of the marketing report is that you don’t have to implement all the suggestions on your own. It can help you find a StoryBrand Certified Agency like us to review your results and guide you through the steps to great marketing.

We pride ourselves on helping small businesses succeed. Take full advantage of this awesome opportunity and get your custom StoryBrand Marketing Report. Together we can strengthen your marketing and build the best version of your business.

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