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Is Donald Miller’s Latest Book Worth Reading? An Honest Business Made Simple Review

Business Made Simple

Earlier this year, Donald Miller, the bestselling author of Building a StoryBrand and Marketing Made Simple, published a new book. This latest work is called Business Made Simple: 60 Days to Master Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Execution, Management, Personal Productivity and More.

A title like that is bound to get your attention if you own and operate your own company.

That’s because every entrepreneur knows that most of the time, business is hard. At some point, you have to wear every hat — marketer, salesperson, manager and visionary.

It’s no surprise many business leaders feel unqualified to run their own company. They don’t have the training to do it all well.

Donald Miller aims to fill that gap with Business Made Simple. He pitches the book as a guide to business mastery.

But does he deliver? Is the book worth the read?

Here’s an honest Business Made Simple review.

What is Business Made Simple?

Business Made Simple book review

Business Made Simple (BMS) is the latest entry in Miller’s “Made Simple” series. Whereas the previous book focused on marketing, this work aims at business as a whole. Readers will recognize the title from Miller’s podcast and his Business Made Simple University online platform.

BMS is a series of 60 short readings. These readings are divided into eleven categories — the characteristics of “a Value-Driven Professional”: character, leadership, productivity, business, messaging, marketing, communication, sales, negotiation, management and execution.

Read one section each day. By the end of 60 days, Miller says you’ll master the business basics.

Why Did Donald Miller Write Business Made Simple?

hand writing in a notebook

StoryBrand suggests you frame every product or service as the solution to a problem. And in BMS, Donald Miller follows his own advice.

Here he thinks the problem lies in education. Most entrepreneurs don’t have the time or money needed to get an MBA. And yet, they deserve to feel in control of their business.

BMS is the solution — a quick and practical primer that makes a business education accessible to everyone. Miller even wonders if the book is more valuable than a business degree.

Does BMS Deliver?

Open book

You might wonder if that’s too good to be true. Can a book that’s barely 200 pages really substitute for an MBA?

The answer is no.

Sixty days is far too short and business far too complex for you to completely master it by the end of the book. 

Miller does name business owners’ biggest challenges. But each of these challenges has a library of books written about them. BMS’s short entries leave a lot on the cutting room floor. 

In trying to tackle everything, BMS sacrifices depth for breadth. 

If you purchase the book expecting an MBA-equivalent you’ll find yourself disappointed.

Is Business Made Simple Worth Reading?

Is Business Made Simple worth reading

With that being said, we get to the main question of this Business Made Simple review: is it worth reading?

The answer is still a strong yes.

No, the book does not exhaust every topic. But it will simplify things enough that any entrepreneur can begin working on their business. Consider it a primer rather than a masterclass and it will teach you important basics with practical applications.

How to Get the Most Out of Business Made Simple

Business Made Simple book for review

To get the most out of BMS, don’t just read the book.

The real value lies in applying each lesson. If you intentionally work on your business over a couple of months, your company will grow by the time you finish the last chapter.

To get the most out of the book, follow along with the accompanying videos from Each video will go further into the day’s topic.

But to really master business the Donald Miller way, it’s best to enroll in Business Made Simple University. This online platform serves as the gateway to business education. In BMSU, Miller and other experienced teachers each topic in greater depth. They offer practical advice and a workbook so you can apply each lesson in the moment.

What’s the Verdict of Our Business Made Simple Review?

Review Stars

If you want a clear process to teach you how to grow your business, Business Made Simple is worth the read.

The book doesn’t exhaust every topic. You won’t be a full-fledged master by the end. But put in the work and make use of the additional resources, and it will help you.

Don’t expect an MBA equivalent. Instead, let the book spark your own thought processes and point you in the right direction.

Apply the lessons and you will be well on your way to mastering business without years in school.

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