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Most Business Websites Make One Huge Mistake

Most business websites make one huge mistake and it’s costing them money. Find out what it is and how you can fix it today.

The Big Mistake

Most business websites make one huge mistake: they talk about themselves too much.

“What?” you might ask. “Isn’t that the point of a website? Clients need to know who I am. How else are they going to do business with me?”

Clients will want to do business with you if your website tells a clear story. But it’s not your story — it’s your customer’s story.

What Customers Care About

Scientists say the human brain is designed to do two things: Survive and thrive. We only care about what’s going to help us live better. Everything else is unimportant. There are trillions of bits of information in the world and so our brains have to be picky in selecting what we think about. If a piece of information doesn’t help us survive and thrive, it gets tossed right out the window.

So the biggest mistake businesses make when writing their websites is they talk about themselves too much. They try to position themselves as the hero and their audience hates it. 

You might have a good company, but talking about your greatness doesn’t help your clients live a better life. If that’s all your website does, everything on it is getting tossed right out the window. 

The truth is, clients don’t care if your great grandaddy started the business with nothing more than a $20 bill and a dream. They do care if your company helps them live a better life.

How to Grow Your Profits

Instead of trying to be the hero, position yourself as the guide. You are the person who is ready and able to help your browser realize their dreams. As the guide, you are the one who can show them a clear path to a better life. You are Mr. Miyagi. They are Daniel-san.

If you want a website that converts buyers, don’t talk about your business. Talk about your customer. Step into their shoes. Anticipate their problems. Help make their lives better. Understand their story and feature it front and center. 

 Do that and you’ll start seeing your profits climb.


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