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The Importance of Client Reviews (And How to Ask for Them)


To grow a successful business, people need to believe in your brand. The problem is it can take a long time to develop strong client relationships. 


If you’re familiar with StoryBrand, you know the secret to great marketing is to position yourself as the guide in your client’s story. You’re the one that helps them lead a better life. 


For people to see you as a reliable guide, they have to trust you.


The thing is, trust is hard to build. It’s something developed over time with repeated interactions. (We really encourage you to use good customer relationship management software.)


But there’s an easy way to build credibility with your clients—one that doesn’t involve hours of your time or thousands of your dollars. 


It just involves a simple question—“Hey, would you be willing to write a Google review for our company?”

The Importance of Client Reviews

When was the last time you Googled “restaurants near me?” (Or maybe something more specific, like “pizza” or “Thai food.”) Probably pretty recently. When you do, Google will show you the locations and reviews of nearby establishments. And Google takes these reviews very seriously—it affects the visibility of a company on the Google Business Profile map deck.


Client reviews are the fastest way to get buyers to trust you.

Think about it. You read product reviews before making a large purchase on Amazon. And you’re not going to spend thousands of dollars on a landscaping service without finding out more about its reputation. Even your Uber driver runs on passenger ratings.


A clear, specific client review will tell buyers what you do and that you do it well. For example, take this glowing review of Hughes Integrated:

[Hughes Integrated] will take your business to the next level and bring more qualified leads in and better customers. If you are thinking of using them do not hesitate and contact them now. Best decision I’ve ever made with my business.


Why Customer Reviews Work

Client reviews work because they create empathy and authority.


When your buyers read a review, they’re hearing from someone just like them.

People are more likely to trust someone they identify with.


If your business transformed your reviewers, they also have great authority. A reviewer could say, “I used to have this problem but because of ABC company, I don’t anymore. I’ve been where you are but I’ve made it out and I’m loving life on the other side.”


When people read a review like that, it’s like hearing from the person they aspire to be. They listen every time.


How to Ask for Customer Reviews

Now that you understand the value of a good review, you need to start asking people for their feedback. It’s not as scary as you think. Most people are more than happy to share a good experience they had with a company.

Whenever you have a phenomenal interaction with a client, follow up immediately. Tell your client how much you enjoyed serving them. Then ask them to write you a review. 


Make the process as easy as possible. Offer guidelines and an easy way to submit their response. Build it into your process. Send an automated email in your CRM to clients who have completed a purchase with you. Offer an incentive (more on that later!) 


Unsure how to ask for feedback? We’ll offer you a few pointers. Above all, ask for feedback that is: 


  • Specific. The client should review the services or products they received from you and be specific about them. Google highlights reviews that are specific, detailed, and clear on a company’s Google Business profile. 
  • Focused on the client’s transformation. Encourage your client to describe the problem they faced when coming to you, and how your product or service helped them solve that problem. (“I’ve been plagued with horrible acne my whole life, but when I visited ABC Dermatology, their personalized acne treatment erased blemishes on my face—and they haven’t come back!”)


If you meet and interact with clients face-to-face, ask them for a review in person. If you meet virtually, send them a text message (not an email!) A text message asking for a review will have a better conversion rate (meaning they’ll be more likely to write a review for you!)


Then make sure you show your appreciation. Write a handwritten thank you note or send a small gift (Think a $5 gift card to a local coffee shop, or even 20% off their next service with you.) Some businesses will even encourage customers to write reviews in order to be entered into a drawing for bigger prizes, like a swag bag or even free or discounted services. Get as creative as you want. 


This client review process will deepen your relationship with the current client and invite new ones to join your business.


Feature Your Client Reviews Everywhere

Once you have a great review, put it everywhere. 


Feature it on your website and in sales campaigns. If you want to go to the next level, make an ad campaign featuring a client’s transformation. (Just make sure you have permission from your client to do it first!) 


You’ve worked hard to serve satisfied clients. Now let them help you build trust instantly. 

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