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7 Online Tools to Grow Your Business


To beat your competitors you need the internet’s best business tools at your disposal. But as a small business owner, you have to be choosy—you can’t just spend money on the next shiny new tool, only for it to be ineffective or a waste of time. 

At Hughes Integrated, we’ve tried lots of small business tools over the years. As we’ve grown as a company, we’ve found some of the best tools that contribute to that growth. We’ve picked seven of our favorite internet tools to share with you—so you can make wise choices about what tools will work best for your business. 

Adobe Express 

Adobe Express is an online design studio anyone can use to create social graphics, short videos, and webpages.

It shares the high quality of Adobe’s professional design suite but it’s much easier to use. You don’t have to be an expert in graphic design to create beautiful layouts.

Adobe has a great selection of photos, icons, and fonts. You can save brand preferences and choose from a huge selection of templates.

The free version has great features but it’s well worth it to upgrade ($19.99 a month) if your business wants to make waves in social media.


It can be tough to come up with shareable content over and over again. Sniply lets you embed your own CTA on anything you post.

Share news articles, videos, and more from your favorite sources — all with your business name and call-to-action.

This is a great way to share fun or interesting content related to your industry without being “salesy.”

Simply go to, choose the item you want to share and draft your CTA button and copy. Sniply will give you a link you can copy and paste. It’s completely free to use!

Google Analytics

A website is more than pretty graphics and flowery words.

If you have a website, you need to make sure it works.

Analytics is a free tool from Google that lets you evaluate your website’s overall performance. Learn who your users are, what they’re doing on your website, and if they find your content interesting.

All you have to do is add a line of code to your website and Google will take care of the rest. Then, your Google Analytics dashboard will provide you with detailed information about your website and offer suggestions on how to improve it.

Word Hippo

Words matter. But sometimes coming up with the right ones feels hard challenging impossible.

Word Hippo is a free online thesaurus you need to have bookmarked.

Type in a word and Word Hippo will give you synonyms, antonyms, definitions, and example sentences. The suggestions it makes can help you take your copy from good to great.


Organizing your work can be a job in itself. Asana makes it easy.

Asana is a web and mobile application that helps teams manage their projects.

Create tasks and deadlines, upload and share files and message your co-workers without leaving the app.

Plus, it makes everything easy to bill.


Every company needs to keep track of billable hours.

Everhour provides time-tracking software so your team can clock in everything they do.

Set up projects and tasks so you never have to guess how you’re spending your time.

Everhour has a mobile app and it can integrate with sites like Asana, Basecamp and Trello. Basic time tracking is free, but for more features, pricing starts at just $5 a month.


No one wants to put a ton of time and effort into a project just for it to fail.

BuzzSumo is a web platform that allows you to discover the content that performs best. Search keywords to discover the best phrases for SEO, discover influencers, and spy on how your competitors are doing.

Start with a free trial or upgrade to the pro version if you want your business to start trending.

One More Business Tool to Try…

Save these sites and you’ll have some of the best online tools to grow your business only a click away.

Ready to really boost your profits? Why settle for a tool when you can have a master craftsman on your team? Schedule a free call with Hughes Integrated and get an experienced team devoted to growing your business.

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