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How to Create Evergreen Content

how to create evergreen content

You want the secret strategy for getting a ton of organic traffic over time?

Evergreen content. 

Big name companies like Apple and Nike use evergreen content to cash checks from copy they wrote years ago. 

Your businesses can too. 

You don’t have to be the world’s greatest writer to draft a perennial seller. If you want dependable copy that outlasts the competition you just need a good strategy.

Here’s the easiest way to create blogs, ads and lead generators that convert for years to come.

What is Evergreen Content?

If you’re in marketing, you’ve probably heard the term “evergreen content.” But what is it? 

Evergreen content is the secret to great SEO.

It’s content so good that it brings in leads year after year — without you needing to refresh the copy.

evergreen trees

This copy is evergreen because just like a pine tree, it stays green for a long time. It doesn’t expire. These blogs, ads or lead generators get consistent traffic no matter the season.

And when you have content that never stops working for you, you’ve got dependable income.

So how do you tap into this goldmine?

How to Write Evergreen Content


Stop Trying to Be ‘Relevant’

Most people assume the way to hook readers and buyers is to be relevant.

Amateur copywriters watch the news and say, “Surely this is what people are searching for.” So they pepper their copy with references to current events and name drop pop culture fads. 

And it works … but only for a moment.

website traffic

Search rates spike for a week but soon the webpage loses traffic. After a month, it never brings in another lead.

What happened? 

Well, what people consider “relevant” changes every day.  

That’s the problem with letting trends dictate your copy.

What seems relevant today often won’t sell tomorrow. 

Talk About What’s Important

Instead of trying to be relevant, just talk about what’s important.

And what’s important to people? 

Their problems.

Your clients’ problems will always matter to them. Real internal and philosophical problems will never go away. For years to come, people will be searching Google for answers.

And you can bet they’ll buy from whatever brand can offer the solution.

If your content solves a recurring problem, it will always generate leads. 

Get Niche and Do Your Research

If you want to talk about what’s important, you have to get niche and do your research.

First, narrow down your audience 

If you try to appeal to everyone, nobody will listen.

Instead, get super specific about the audience your sales copy is targeting. Don’t worry that you’re narrowing your potential audience. You want to show you’re in tune with a specific problem. You can’t do that unless the character you’re looking at is clearly defined.

market research

Second, you need to do some homework.

Let your audience write your copy for you.  

Research what problems they have. Listen for the words they use. They’ll tell you what matters to them. And if you know what matters to them, you’ll be able to write evergreen sales copy.

A Toast to Sales Copy that Sells Forever

business success

Take your time figuring out your reader’s problems and position your business as the solution.  

Do that and you’ll always stay relevant.  

Years from now you’ll be getting leads from copy you hardly remember writing. 

But don’t worry about forgetting why you’re having a celebratory toast. The ringing cash register will be a good reminder: you know how to write evergreen content.

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