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We’ve worked with businesses across the country. Here are just a few of their success stories.

Elevating the Brand of a Home Remodeling Contractor

VADA Contracting specializes in luxury home remodels. Yet their existing marketing was only attracting people who were looking for low-cost, small projects. We transformed their brand narrative, producing a more elevated website and marketing campaigns focused on building relationships with quality-minded families. As a result, VADA booked out their calendar year with ideal projects and was able to hire multiple new employees to keep up with demand.

Blog Posts

Lead generator

Nurture Email Campaigns

Outcomes for VADA Contracting

Increased Website Traffic

Grew Organic Keywords

Streamlined Intake Process

Post-pandemic, we were struggling to find traction and reconnect with our client base. The phone was ringing, but the traffic was unfiltered and we were wasting time chasing dead-end leads. We needed a digital marketing company that could help us fully redefine our brand and get the traction we needed to take us to the next level. Rob and his team introduced us to StoryBrand marketing and within the first couple of months, they put our ideal client right in front of us. Their simple, calculated approach to digital marketing helped us see where we were lacking and understand the potential of our website for quality lead generation.

We’re so excited to be entering our second year with Hughes by our side!
Dominic Sorenson,
Owner of VADA Contracting

Landscaper Enjoys Qualified Leads and Full Delegation

Torchwood’s owner/operator was spending too much time on DIY marketing efforts and filtering through lackluster leads instead of working on projects that generated revenue. We streamlined their funnel, crafting a website, emails, blogs, and ads that all told the same story. Prospects noticed and the website’s pageviews increased by 283%. Phones rang with qualified leads. The owner/operator has newfound freedom, delegating to Hughes Integrated as his CMO and focusing his attention on wow-worthy projects.

Blog Posts

Lead Generator

Google Ads

Outcomes for Torchwood Landscaping

Grew New Website Visitors

Increased Inbound Leads

Boosted Google Search Rankings

What can I say about Rob Hughes and his phenomenal team? They are beyond amazing at what they do and bring so much value to my company. I have never had the results I have gotten from working with Rob. They are super professional, communicate well, and constantly nail the head on whatever they will do for you. They will take your business to the next level and bring more qualified leads in and better customers. If you are thinking of using them do not hesitate and contact them now. 

Best decision I’ve ever made with my business.

Luke Thompson,


Torchwood Landscaping

Luke Thompson,

Owner, Torchwood Landscaping

Reshaping the Story Told By Walsh College

Walsh College is a business college in Michigan that’s been educating leaders for the last 100 years. However, like many businesses that have been around for decades, they found their brand narrative had become muddled over time. Walsh turned to Hughes Integrated to reshape the messaging for many of their degree programs. We helped them put this messaging to work by writing webpages, email campaigns, and even commercial scripts. The approach has earned the attention of applicants and become a great help to Walsh’s internal team.

Website Wireframes

Clear Messaging

Video Script

Outcomes for Walsh College

Higher Website Engagement

Increased Applications

Greater Return on Ad Spend

Creative Inspiration and Direction for Sea Foam Motor Treatment

Sea Foam Motor Treatment has long been recognized as a leader in the automotive industry. But their internal marketing department recognized the value Hughes Integrated could bring as an expert in clarifying messaging. Our team developed messaging copy for many of Sea Foam’s products and various audiences. Their team used our work as source documents for many of their initiatives—including social posts, display ads, and commercials—and has found it helps unify their internal team behind shared language.

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