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How to Build an Effective Team

Even the best business leaders can't do it all alone. To grow your company, you need to learn how to build an effective team.
business owner building an effective team

You’ve been looking forward to growing your team … but be careful. Managing a bad team is more work than doing it all by yourself. 

You need coworkers that make your life easier, not harder. So how do you build an effective team?

An effective team needs three things:

1.Shared Vision

To build an effective team, each member must understand the kind of business you’re trying to build. 

If everyone has different ideas, you’ll pull in different directions and your business will be wrecked in the middle.

This is why it’s so important that you clarify your vision before you hire anyone. Get clear about what you do, who you serve and where your business is going. 

Put the answers to these questions down in writing now. Feature them in every job posting and bring them out in every job interview. Only hire people that are on board with your vision. 

You can’t have an effective team if your team members don’t share your vision.

2. Different Roles

You can hire great people but if each person is trying to do the same job, everyone gets frustrated. 

In an effective team, each member should have a different role. All roles should complement each other.

Spend time listing all the activities it takes to keep your business running smoothly. What are the tasks where you’re the most passionate and skilled? Write these down to define your role.

Then identify your weaknesses. Look to hire people who would excel in those jobs.

When each person has a clear role, your team won’t step on each other’s toes. Instead of getting in the way, together you’ll help the business grow.

3. Smart Communication

Once people are on board with your mission and understand their roles, it’s important to establish smooth lines of communication.

Do you have a clear system for reporting, raising issues and asking questions? Read the book Traction by Gino Wickman to know how to set up a good system.

Once a system is in place, work to understand your people.

Not every member of your team will think just like you. They each have unique personalities and communication styles. 

Understanding a team member’s personality and communication style is like becoming fluent in their language. It makes it easier to build trust and get things done.

To learn how your team communicates best, have each member take the Enneagram test. This tool is helpful for understanding how others think. 

Just like any personality test, it’s important not to use the Enneagram to pigeon hole others. Instead, use it so that you know how to better communicate with them. 

Now You’re Ready to Build an Effective Team

So to build an effective team you need a shared vision, different roles and smart communication.

Put these three things together and with a little hard work your business will continue to grow.

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