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How to Care for Your Customers During a Global Pandemic

Can your customer relationships survive the pandemic? Find out how those relationships can not only survive but get better in the post-coronavirus world.

Coronavirus vs Small Business Owners

COVID-19 has been cruel to small business owners like you.

Not only has it stolen profits and kept small business owners up at night worrying about whether they can afford to keep their staff, but it has also threatened the very way you work.

After all, small businesses are built on relationships. They thrive because of trust. Clients love being greeted by name when they walk through your door. They will gladly come to you again and again because they know you care enough to ensure the job’s done right.

But how does a relationship with a client work in a post-COVID world? How do they know you care with your smile hidden behind a facemask? 

The Right Plan

It’s a distressing challenge, but it’s one you can overcome with the right plan. The right plan for this season is called customer relationship management (CRM). CRM is an approach that allows a company to manage and analyze its relationships with past, current and potential clients. Through a great CRM system, you not only stay in touch with your clients, but you can even increase the value of your relationship with them.

Investing in a CRM means you will know your clients better than ever. Not only do you remember your client’s birthday — now you know all their demographic information, their buying preferences and the types of subject lines that get their attention. You can tell what interests them and gauge just how close they feel to your company. 

You Don’t Need to Be Afraid

CRM isn’t the cold, unfeeling technology you fear. Customer relationship management tailors your interactions to your clients. Rather than cold calling or treating every new lead the same, CRM lets you show clients only the things that interest them. It’s like having a friend who already knows what you want to talk about. With a CRM system, you don’t have to wait until the world gets back to normal and clients walk through your front door. Instead, you can meet them wherever they are. 

In the wake of the coronavirus, CRM can be more useful than ever. What better time to check in on your clients? 

Send them notes and let clients know you care as they struggle with all the challenges brought on by COVID-19. Tell them how your business is doing and offer ways you can help them. You may find they are more receptive than ever before. 

Invest in CRM today. MailChimp is a great place to start. Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) allows for even more customization. But whatever system you go with, show your clients that not even COVID-19 will stop you from caring for them.

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