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Gino Wickman Co-Author, and EOS Implementer Mike Paton on “Enjoying the Leadership Journey”

Whether you're a startup CEO just getting started or have been in charge for years, Mike Paton, an EOS implementer and leadership legend, explains how to enjoy the leadership journey by attending to your greater purpose. Mike Paton knows all about the difficulties of business growth since he has over 14 years of expertise as an EOS Implementer as well as decades of experience as a business owner himself. In 2015, he was named Visionary Leader of EOS Worldwide, which brought a world of honor and also responsibility.

Enjoy the leadership journey (With Mike Paton)

After investing 5 years growing EOS Worldwide to a multi-continental business coaching community, Paton felt something deeper stirring inside his leadership heart. He had committed 80 days of his year to the role but had grown the organization to such a point that more was required.

Many individuals and company owners know that mental place all too well. Your firm has expanded and now requires more capacity than you have to give it. Many people succumb to the “startup attitude” by assuming all additional responsibilities, which soon deplete their time, energy, and creativity.

In March of 2020, Paton had reached what he called, “an inflection point,” needing to decide either to lead EOS Worldwide, full-time, or be an EOS Implementer® full-time. The struggle was real, and the choice was pivotal. Like many entrepreneurs in this dilemma, he kept trying to find a way to make everything work. And when it didn’t, he consulted his family and God.


Zoom In

Wisdom guided Paton to “zoom in,” focusing not on the whole next 20 years, but simply on the next step in his path toward his better future. What was the right next step?

By nature of his work, he had coached countless clients over the years that struggled with burnout and overload. But when it was his own struggle, it felt different.

Many in business find the complexities of their situations feel unique. Special. Isolating. Many leaders are tempted to either overanalyze or escape through substance or activity. But true leadership invites entrepreneurs to press into their story, confront brutal truths, and navigate the single next step to move them forward. Paton did this, and you can too.


Self-deception can plague the clarity of a leader.

Leaders need to objectively see when their seat has grown beyond their own capacity to fill it. Sadly, many tend to avoid this honest look at their own ability to meet the “today needs” of their role, and thus make decisions that lead their company down the wrong path.

“To be candid with you, the one thing that really ate away at me more than anything else is I’d be coaching my clients and I’d stand in the front of the room feeling a little bit like a fraud, you know, ‘Hey, I want you to live the EOS life. Well, I’m not living the EOS life.’ So how can I, you know, be an able-bodied guide to help people do that.” – Mike Paton

And so, Paton reckoned with the disconnect between what he wanted and what was happening in his life. He took inventory of his preferred future, and decided to simply take the next step.


Just take the next step

For Paton, the next steps included:

  • Truly pausing to listen to his family’s desires for him
  • Reflecting on the root causes to his overwhelm and burnout
  • Making a good old fashioned Ben Franklin pros and cons list (both of being an Implementer or Visionary at EOS Worldwide)

After evaluating the key choice, Paton realized by stepping away from his role as Visionary and into a full-time consulting practice, he would have more time to fully engage with his family. It’s there, he found his true and lasting purpose. And contrary to limiting beliefs, EOS Worldwide went on to continue to thrive, and EOS Implementers worldwide could feel confident in their new leader.

As a full-time business consultant and EOS Implementer, Paton also realized he’d have the opportunity to earn a higher income. See, Paton has always been passionate about helping other people become the versions of their true self. And as a full-time EOS Implementer, he’s been able to build a profitable consulting practice by applying his core passion!


Hire yourself

Taking the courageous leap into more life balance as an EOS Implementer, Paton has found the EOS lifestyle allows him to be more present for his family, contribute fully at work and increase his income.

Entrepreneurs and business owners everywhere should learn from this lesson and take inventory of their life and leadership. Hire yourself by choosing to pursue your greater purpose and passion, after careful consideration.

Today, Paton’s definition of success has shifted quite a bit. Years ago, success was defined by extrinsic factors, like leading people, making plenty of money, appearing to be important, having lots of followers on social media, and so on. But today, he seeks “true success,” through living his own EOS Life: Doing what he loves, with those he loves, making a significant difference, being compensated appropriately with the time to pursue other passions (like family).

The EOS Life, Gino Wickman

If you’re a leader, start with yourself (thus choosing to live your greater purpose). It’s important to get clear on what you want to achieve in the first place. The EOS lifestyle allows you more time for family and other passions. Take inventory of your life and leadership if you are struggling with burnout or overload. Choose today, to take the right next step to rebalance your life, and pursue the purpose and passion you have in you. And if you need help, hire a guide like Mike Paton.

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