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8 Leadership Quotes to Transform Your Week

8 leadership quotes to transform your week

The leaders of yesterday can offer great advice to the business owners and entrepreneurs of today. Here are eight leadership quotes to transform your week.

At Hughes Integrated, we love the idea behind this quote. Our job as a StoryBrand Certified Guide is to help other people and businesses become all they are meant to be. 

Nothing could be more rewarding.

Your role as a leader is to enrich others. When you do so, your life is infinitely more rewarding.

Gandhi quote

Positional authority isn’t enough. Your team won’t just follow you because you sign their paychecks.

If you really want loyalty, you need to develop relationships with your team members.

Want to discover how? Check out this video on John Maxwell’s 5 Levels of Leadership.

hemingway quote

The writer of classics like A Farewell to Arms and The Old Man and the Sea had a talent for capturing people in simple language. His advice here is as important for business leaders as it is for novelists. 

Never assume you know what your clients want.

Instead, listen completely, and people will make your job easy. You’ll know exactly what they need and will be uniquely positioned to solve their problems. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback!

Swope quote

The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and editor was on to something. His words are true for individuals and for businesses. 

As an individual, you’ll never be able to make everybody happy. So make sure you know whose opinion matters. As a business, you’ll never be able to serve everyone. So make sure you know exactly who fits in your ideal clientele

Powell quote

It’s no surprise a StoryBrand agency loves this quote.

Clarity is key

Great leadership and business come when you’re able to cut through the noise and offer clear solutions to problems.

Proverbs 29:18

The writer of Proverbs speaks wisdom to us today. Without a clear vision, your company will not succeed.

Want to be a good leader?

Your entire company needs to have a clear sense of what you do and where you are going.

Chinese Proverb

You’ve heard this one put a dozen different ways. The bottom line? You need to walk the talk.

As the leader, you set the pattern the rest of your team will follow. Showing up late and making excuses? Don’t be surprised if others follow suit. But set a high bar and your business will rise to your level.

If you want others to follow, lead by example.

Jefferson quote

The Founding Father and third president of the U.S. reveals an important truth.

When it comes to preferences of style, you need to be able to bend and adapt.

But on matters of principle, never compromise. Your team and your customers will respect you more when you hold fast to your values.

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